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"Hi Eren. Would you like some tea?"

His head snapped up from his 3DMG, his rag clenched in his hand. He blinked at the girl holding a cup of tea. Strange.

"Tea? Uh, sure." He nodded, scooting over to make some room for his fellow soldier. Compared to everyone else but Armin and Mikasa, (y/n) was one of the selective few that he was quite comfortable around. She sat down slowly, not wanting to spill a single drop on her friend or herself.

"How much sugar?" She hummed, grasping the cup. He motioned with his finger 'one' as she handed him his cup without moving to adding any sugar.

"I figured you wanted your tea like that. I already put a spoonful of tea." She explained, watching him nod in thanks and take a small sip. He scowled at the hot temperature and she laughed.

"Say, you think the world will eradicate the titans?" She asked, staring into the sky. She sighed as she used her hands as a balance behind her. 

"I'm not sure, but I'll-"

"Kill all the titans? I know, I know." She chuckled. She was used to Eren replying that way. "But... Do you think it's possible?"

The brown haired teen sighed. "I don't know, but I'm not going to die until they do." He responded confidently. "They caused too much. Too much..."

The girl nodded. "I'm afraid of our next expedition." She admitted quietly. Her thumbs twirled in her hands and her hair covered her red face as she looked down. Their next expedition was less than a week away. She'd be lying if she said she was fine.

"Don't be!" He replied hastily. 

"I have Mikasa in the rear and I'm sure she'll be the first to act when there is a titan." The girl chuckled. That girl has reflexes of a cat. Cats have good reflexes, right? She wasn't sure. Armin told her something about them... 

Eren laughed slightly to himself. It was true. Mikasa would be the first to move. "You don't have to worry. The plan will work and everyone will come back safe." He comforted. The two knew that's a lie, but it was reassuring slightly when you heard that. 

She stayed silent before murmuring to him. "Eren, I'm in the front lines. They are always the first to die. It's like we are bait." She quietly stated, her fists clenching and her nails digging to her palms. 

Eren didn't respond. He couldn't. What do you say to someone who is afraid of dying? Tell them that they won't? Tell them it'll be okay?

It's never okay. Once you survive one expedition, you learn to realize that. The two already experienced that.

It would also be a lie to say that Eren and (y/n) didn't spend time together and held hands. They held hands whenever no one was around. They weren't together for the sake of the other's death. It'll hurt even worse if one died. It was silent agreement they agreed on.

Footsteps made them let go and pretend nothing happened. Eren took a lager gulp of his tea, downing it with one swig. She laughed.

"Eren, (y/n). Time to hit the sack!" The familiar brown haired woman exclaimed, her glasses bouncing. The girl left in a heartbeat and Eren slowly walked passed the scientist.

A palm slapped his shoulder, startling him with a growl.

He turned to demand why Hanji-san had done that. When he asked why she had done so, she only winked and elbowed him before skipping off.


"Fall back!"

Eren grit his teeth. 



Why were they falling back? Eren's group was doing fine! Does that mean his comrades were not? Was a horde of titans currently attacking one of the groups? He shuddered at the thought, feeling terrible for not being able to assist.

Eren bit his tongue harshly. Not enough to bleed, however. That wouldn't end well.  His squad contained himself, Jean, Armin, and Sasha. It was assigned this way for a reason Eren did not understand. Levi was still his captain of the group. Yet again, Commander Erwin did not tell everyone. Only a selective few.

"Eren, the Commander ordered a retreat!" Armin yelled, his horse turning sharply to the right. His hand was pointing to the smoke in the sky. There were two colors.

Compared to the last expedition where they used the colors to signal the route and Aberants, the colors for this expedition signalized the groups that were under attack.

Black still meant Aberants.

He was sure the one of the colors were... Orange? He wasn't sure, but it must of meant retreat...

Yellow was Eren's group.

Blue with Mikasa.

Purple, strangely for (Y/n)'s. Which happened to be the color that was dispersing in the sky. Eren's eyes widened as he bolted to the area where his dear friend would be.

"Eren, where the fuck are you going?!" Jean screamed, watching his 'friend' dash off. He glanced at Armin's wide eyes and Sasha's blank stare before they slowly started to fall into retreat. 

Jean's leader sighed to himself before darting off to the idiot. He heard the captain cuss when his horse sped past him. Jean stood there with his horse before groaning angrily and racing after the two. 

"Jaeger, you are in deep shit." Jean growled loudly, forcing his horse to go faster. Moving alone had it perks. Titans weren't too interested in him, compared to the squad that was attacked. He would dart to the right or left whenever he caught a glance at one. He quickly caught up to Levi.


"You made a shitty decision to follow... So did I." Levi interrupted. "Prepare yourself." 

Jean scowled and gulped, removing his blades from their resting spots. He grasped them tightly as he could hear heavy footsteps in the distance.

As they got closer, the two could see the remains of... Their friends and soldiers. Jean looked away and coughed before speeding on. Levi had no expression except glancing around him. Seeing this many times hardened him, but not to the extent of having no emotions. It still pains him to see them dead.

It was terrible to witness. Bodies and body parts were everywhere and Jean could recognize a few of them faces he saw. He hardened his feelings before speaking. He didn't want his voice to crack.

"Where is Eren?" He asked, trying to sound as calm as he could in a situation like this. The Captain glanced at him. 

"...see that body that's crouching?" He replied, stopping his horse and glancing around for any titans. He pointed over a few meters away. This was a terrible place. No trees or buildings...

Jean turned to look at where he mentioned and saw Jaeger over a body. He turned away when he heard the wails and sobbing. As much as he hated, hated, hated him, he simply couldn't hold that intense feeling for the poor guy.

"No, no, you can't be dead!"

"Come back! Come back!"


"Open your eyes!"

The blond couldn't listen to the brunette boy plead to the body. He knew who Eren was talking to. Jean turned to the Captain. Even he had a melancholic expression. It was surprising to Jean.

(Y/n)'s upper body was fine except the blood, but Jean didn't dare venture further. He didn't want to see. It looked fine from a distance.

Not to Eren, however.

Eren pounded on her chest, his hands and nails caked with her blood as he pleaded and begged her to open her eyes. Just to seem them open...!

"No..." He cried, resting his forehead on hers. Why does she look serene? Did she not fight? He grabbed her hand and clenched it tightly, pressing it shakily to his face.

No, this can't happen. First his mom, then her? Who else is going to die by the Titans' hands?!

"Why?! I'll....I'll..." His teeth were clenched as he spoke his words. A hand rested on his shoulder and his head snapped to the owner, his tears flinging all over.

It was Jean and he offered his hand. Levi was standing next to him, staring. 

He coldly turned the offered hand down and stared at his friend. Best friend. He hung his head.

"If you're blaming yourself for her death, do it. It's up to you. But just think; Would she blame you? Would she blame you for something you couldn't have known or controlled?" 

Eren sniffed, recognizing Levi's voice. Despite his harsh response, it was true. She wouldn't blame him. The sound of belts and boots jingling and a horses neighing rang.

"Hurry up, we have to go." Jean spoke, forcing himself to sound neutral. He had a small band with the poor girl and it pained him as well. He didn't want to see her like that.

Eren growled to himself, ignoring the blond. Levi spoke up, his tone, surprisingly sympathetic. Eren almost didn't recognize the man's words.

"....Eren, I'm sorry, but we can't bring her with us. It'll cost us precious time that you used."

Eren howled before running to his horse and hopping on. He ordered his stallion to move. He forced his horse to run faster. He couldn't look back. 

Everything seemed so dramatic. Like, this was just a corny dream he is dreaming. Eren never thought he would be so hurt just because of a girl.

His actions didn't make any sense, nor his words. All he felt was pain, pain, pain. He wanted to wake up. Wake up from this crazy nightmare.

Wake up in that field where Mikasa woken him up.

Wake up when (y/n) was alive. 

Wake up when his mom was alive.

Wake up when everything was normal. Where everything was just a faint memory. 

Where (y/n), Mikasa, Armin, and himself were happily running away from Eren's mom to make them wash up for dinner. Now, they ran from things that would kill. Kill them.

The two that was left behind pitied the boy before following. In the distance ahead, they heard the boy ahead of them scream her name in agony. They rode in silence back to HQ. This mission was useless and no one knew why it was planned. 

Levi knew it was dangerous to travel solo. He ordered Jean to move faster and ordered his horse to hurry and catch up with the out of control teen. This would get a lot worse if he transformed.

Many soldiers died, but for what? The three hoped it wasn't for nothing. Everything had a reason to happen, but it doesn't mean the reason was worth it.

Especially this one.


Eren blinked, pressing the 'lock' button on his phone, ignoring the text and 'ding' he got from his best buddy, Armin. The blonde asked if he was busy and wanted to catch a movie with Reiner and Bert and Mikasa. Others, too. The movie was a comedy that recently came out and was quite popular around his age.

Eren sighed and stared out the window of the cafe, think about what he just daydreamed- er, recalled. Yes, recalled.

As a kid, he would mutter about how Armin looked familiar when they first met. After that Kindergarten day, they soon become best friends because of that accusation. It was the best thing Eren had ever accused anyone of.

Also, there was this (h/c) girl he would remember. She was pretty good at making tea. Her name was (y/n) and he wondered if he had met her yet. Or if she remembers him. She better because of the pain she gave him in his memories. The Eren in his mind was really attached to her.

And then, one of his professors, Levi Short-Shit, asked him if he believed in reincarnation. He still had his bad attitude. At least Eren thinks he does, judging on the things he imagined.


"Reincarnation. You know, when you die and reborn without memories? Well, except you. You remember stuff. You've always been strange, Jaeger."

He scoffed in his seat, drawing circles and cubes on the table. He was skilled at drawing 3D cubes.

This kind of cafe was the 'sit-down-and-wait-for-a-cute-chick-waitress' kind of place. He sighed when he realized no cute chick was approaching any time soon. He turned to the window, watching a guy struggle to lock his bike on the pole. He snickered when he saw him curse and throw the lock on the ground and walked away, mouthing 'screw it'.

"Hi, welcome to Titan Cafe! What would you like?" A cute girl asked. At first he tensed at the name, but quickly grinned at the cheesy title. He turned to face the girl.

"Ah. Just... Tea." He murmured, unlocking his phone, finally responding to the blonde. Their tea here was surprisingly good. So were the girls.

He quickly typed down 'At the cafe. Meet u guys around 6 pm'. He sent the message.

Sadly, they, meaning the girls, dressed appropriately.

"What kind of tea, sir?" The girl asked, her notepad flipped to a new page. He sighed again and turned to the window. He opened his mouth to tell her 'anything is fine'. He didn't really know many tea names. He just drank whatever he received.

"I'll handle this." A voice murmured to the waitress. The girl quickly left, her shoes squeaking. 

"Our tea is... Free for those who served in the Corps..."

Eren slowly turned his head, facing the girl. Wait.

Her eyes twinkled with familiarity and amusement. He nearly asked her for her name, but waited for her to speak. He had only seen her for less than a minute, but his heart swelled as if he's known her for centuries.

Probably did. Feelings that had been missing suddenly erupted and his eyes widened, feeling warm.

His mouth was opened slightly before she coughed and grinned at him. Was this the girl, (y/n)? It must be. 

She confirmed it with a statement he felt that was said to him before. Some time in the past. Like, she's asked it before.

"Hi Eren. Would you like some tea?"

I was furiously typing this while watching the first dubbed episode of AoT. Seeing Eren's mom...*sobs* :iconcraiplz:

Thus, angst and fluff get married.

Eren and everyone is OC. Sorta. 
Oh, and yes, I changed the smoke color meanings. It also takes place after the expedition of you know when. No spoilers, guys.

Sort of like an apology for disappearing and for any watchers of mine that are fans of Eren. And angst.

So corny.
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Look At Me...
I Nearly Broke Down At The End...
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Love it! This is amazing! Reincarnation huh... It kinda feels like you've been given another chance at life, another chance to live and all that. Do YOU guys believe in reincarnation?
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